Usually I’m not very good at baking. Most of the time while cooking I don’t hold on to recipes very much – guess that’s why I always end up in a big mess. But when I found a quite simple focaccia recipe, I had to try it and forced myself to stick to it; so I changed only very few things – this is how I made my focaccia-like bread (quite liked the outcome).


600 g
200 g
200 ml
1 package
2 cloves

pre-cooked and grated potatoes
lukewarm milk
fresh yeast
cherry tomatoes (more or less as you like it; you might replace it by goat’s cheese and honey, or olives as well…)
handful picked basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano

Crumble the yeast into the lukewarm milk, add two tablespoons of olive oil and mix it with a fork. Add the flour, potatoes, 1/2 tablespoon of sea salt to a large bowl and make a well in the middle. Then pour the fluid into the well and start mixing everything together until you get a smooth, soft dough (add more flour or water as needed).

In the original recipe the topping goes on top of the focaccia bread, but I like it inside of the dough. If you want to get a focaccia closer to the original, stop here, dust the dough with a little of flour, cover it with a wet towel and let it chill at a warm place for about two hours. — Next finely chop the tomatoes, garlic and basil leaves and mix it under the dough, then let it chill.

Preheat your oven to 230 °C. Sprinkle a baking tray with olive oil, portion your dough as you like it and roll it out to about one cm. Season with sea salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil. Then bake for about 20 – 25 minutes until golden. Enjoy!

Makes a delicious side for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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