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  • timeout


    noun /ˈtaɪmaʊt/ a situation in which someone has time away from work, for example, in order to […] to do other things Cambridge Dictionary I’ve been in Sweden for a couple of days in late October / early November with my kayak, camping gear and – of course – my camera equipment. Although the cold […]

  • Copenhagen


    This year (2022) I had the chance to visit Copenhagen (Denmark) for the first time. I only had about 24 hours, so I definitely have to come back – but I’ve got a first impression. It was a joy to experience the modern architecture combined with the historic town and of course the very nice […]

  • Austria ’20

    Austria ’20

    After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value. — G.M. Trevelyan There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. — Beverly Sills

  • I Wrote A Book

    We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. — Anaïs Nin I enjoyed telling the story of our bicycle journey (cycling from Los Angeles to New York City on road bicycles) and sharing the photographs I had captured along the way very much; and I was looking for a way to save my […]

  • Munich In Winter

    I’ve captured some impressions of Munich while strolling around the city with friends. I absolutely had to create this short video — Looking forward to your feedback!

  • America On Road Bikes

    America On Road Bikes Last year I’ve cycled across America together with a friend. We set off in Los Angeles and ended our journey in New York City several weeks later. Stages Long Beach — Vista (156 km) Vista — Julian (82,3 km) Julian — Brawley (121 km) Brawley — Blythe (141 km) Blythe — […]

  • Skiing Siblings

    Ski season opening in Austria (Wilder Kaiser) together with my siblings.

  • The Road Bike

    The Road Bike

    I enjoy taking photographs and filming stuff very much. To get to know my new camera, I snapped some shots of my lovely road bike and made this short film / „road bicycle porn“. Music by Ender Güney [23.06.2017]: It might not be the prettiest anymore, it might be slightly rusty and scratched, but it […]