Category: Videography

  • Bavarian Alps

    Bavarian Alps

    Hiking in the Bavarian Alps is a mesmerizing journey through nature’s masterpiece. Towering peaks cloaked in emerald forests cast their reflections on pristine alpine lakes, creating a visual symphony that stirs the soul. The crisp mountain air carries the scent of pine and the sound of babbling brooks, while the soft crunch of gravel beneath…

  • timeout


    noun /ˈtaɪmaʊt/ a situation in which someone has time away from work, for example, in order to […] to do other things Cambridge Dictionary I’ve been in Sweden for a couple of days in late October / early November with my kayak, camping gear and – of course – my camera equipment. Although the cold…

  • Munich In Winter

    I’ve captured some impressions of Munich while strolling around the city with friends. I absolutely had to create this short video — Looking forward to your feedback!

  • Skiing Siblings

    Ski season opening in Austria (Wilder Kaiser) together with my siblings.

  • The Road Bike

    The Road Bike

    I enjoy taking photographs and filming stuff very much. To get to know my new camera, I snapped some shots of my lovely road bike and made this short film / „road bicycle porn“. Music by Ender Güney [23.06.2017]: It might not be the prettiest anymore, it might be slightly rusty and scratched, but it…